Automation Schedule For Pilot

Automation Schedule For Pilot

Automation Schedule For Pilot is a powerful, web-based application, designed to help your organization build new efficiencies. In addition to the system’s intuitive scheduling capabilities, Automation Schedule For Pilot also intergrate some special features such as dispatching, pilot communication and data reporting.

Automation Schedule For Pilot was built by experts in the aviation software industry, which means the tool was designed with your exact needs in mind. With state-of-the-art algorithm, our module can generate the best schedule possible within the constrains.

Automation Schedule For Pilot is all you need to reduce costs, engage pilots, and build efficiencies.

We are the only one company in South East Asia that can do Automation Schedule with high precision by algorithm, especially in aviation.



Enumerate the flight pattern from airline data
Optimize fleet schedule based on client's specific requirement
Visualize the result in an interactive webpage


Assign crews to flight schedule based on airline rules and constraint
Track all staff events: Work, Leave, ... and easily update schedule
Guarantee crews's work time is legal.


Manage working hour of crews
Manage training
Manage external procurement
Instantly communicate with Pilots


Cost Optimization

Allocate schedule of crews efficiently
Operational cost

Good working environment

Keep working time legally
Adjust flytime logically
Restrict Deadhead flight
Communicate with Pilots

High flexible schedule

Allow optimize the schedule based on fleet, location
Allow system adapt to sudden change such as flight cancel /delay
Easy to integrate with existing crew system