Fintech Software Development

WHY IS Digital identity verification and screening NEEDED?

E-KYC of fintech software development can be used to verify and prove the identity of new customers applying for retail bank accounts, loans, credit cards, or other retail products. The solution can also be used to quickly and securely onboard high-net-worth individuals in institutional and wealth management. Here are 4 main benefits of using digital identity verification and screening: 

  • Establish relationships with consumers and improve customer experience
  • Deliver more efficient and secure onboarding
  • Lower costs and enhance compliance.
  • Going paperless process 


INNOTECH VIETNAM offers a wide range of services including custom banking and financial software development, digital banking development, mobile banking solutions, fintech offshore staffing etc, able to meet customers’ needs in terms of interest rate liberalization, big data, mobile finance, risk management, internet finance and customer relation management.

eKYC solution

Utilizing AI to upgrade our security system to an ultimate level. Our services including:
- Customer identification
- Face verification
- Due diligence about information
based on eKYC technology

Digital banks & Financial Services

- Internet Banking
- Mobile Banking
- Digital Banking
- Neobank
- E-Wallet

Digital transformations

- HRMS Cloud-based
- Automatic Scheduler
- Digital E-commerce
- Customer loyalty management software
- Warehouse management system

BI and analytics

Business intelligence and analytical departments allow banks to gather data from a variety of sources, conduct analyses of banking-specific operations, and make quicker data-driven decisions.

Omnichannel solutions

Multi-functional systems are combined with robust features to deal with diverse fields, and cater excellent management solutions for all types of enterprise.

Open API

Open banking is a system or strategy employed by banks using API technology to provide customers with the privilege to have a network of financial institution data


The latest innovation of our CRM is in charge of storing and protecting your significant data will be totally safe by the international standard security system.

Technology for privacy and security

We adapt the PCI DSS standards and OSASP security foundations in our products to create cloud-based security and compliance solutions for clients.

Banking Architecture Consulting

A team of experts with more than 20 years of experience are willing to consult and help you to give the best idea about the greatest banking architecture solution.

Fintech Offshore Development

We have experience working with demanding customers in Japan, the USA, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. and meet their needs with our innovative products.

Fintech Solutions

Instantly end inventory headaches and eliminate inventory write-offs



Our senior software engineers average over 12 years of experience and most of our other software engineers have over 5 years of experience.


Resource with 12+ year experiences. We’re willing to meet all your requirements with extensive resources.

Competitive Cost

With a combination of high productivity, high quality and competitive prices, Innotech Vietnam delivers real value for money.


Our reputation is based on the quality of our service, our commitment to build personal relationships with our clients.




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