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Cloud Professional Service

Author: Administrator
Date: 08/03/2017

The Client

  • Our Client is an FMCG international company

Business Need

  • The client want to develop an application that allow customer receive coupon and appreciate their company.The system allows enterprise to manage a marketing campaign by defining a set of promotion coupons, distributing them to end-users via mobile application.

Project Challenges

  • Clearly and friendly to use
  • Existing Web-based application is 3 tier applications. In order to migrate to MVC model, various data models need to be defined and redefined.


  • Integrating with secured on site resources
  • Allocate engineers to site to get experience and constantly verify the design with field engineers.
  • Team is deployed both onsite and offshore to maintain continuous integration with target system.
  • Technologies: React Native, Objective C, PDF, Google firebase, HTML Parsers


  • Increase the customer using their products
  • Easy for inform new promotion for their customer.
  • It is easy to collect customer information so that they have suitable marketing strategy.

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