Insurance Software Development

Our team consists of experts who have a deep understanding of the insurance industry, enabling us to develop groundbreaking and streamlined software solutions for insurance, enhancing transparency, risk management, and customer experience.

Dealing with obstacles

In the insurance industry, there are several significant barriers and challenges that impact the development and performance of insurance companies. Simplifying and streamlining workflow processes is how Innotech move forward to eliminate barriers and challenges in the insurance industry

Over Complexity

Insurance companies often focus too much on the details of serving policyholders, leading to an overly complex image in the eyes of customers. Insurance brands may lose sight of the goal of creating a positive impression on potential new customers.

Outdated Experiences

Digital tools used by insurance companies need to be designed to help brokers, agents, and policyholders efficiently complete tasks. If these tools are outdated or not aligned with the brand and business, they can cause frustration for users.

Disconnected Content

An insurance company's website should provide relevant and helpful information to brokers, potential customers, and policyholders. If the website's content is disconnected or fails to answer their questions, it can lead to dissatisfaction.

Stakeholder Inertia

Insurance companies may be limited by software development or design resources, and their brightest employees may be frustrated by their inability to leverage user feedback, pursue ideas, or enhance customer experiences.

Take a Step Towards Positive Change

For over a decade, insurance companies have lagged in investing in digital customer experiences. However, even small improvements can set your insurance brand apart. Let us help you plan digital strategies to achieve this:

- Attract and win new policyholders

- Better serve existing policyholders

- Attract and motivate agents to drive profits

Moving forward

With Innotech, you acquire a digital innovation partner well-versed in the intricacies of the insurance sector. We comprehend your industry, champion your objectives, and streamline your processes. You are the authority in your field, and we will enhance your insurance know-how with impactful application development and design.

Developing Websites and Web Apps for the Insurance Industry

At Innotech, our dedicated team specializes in understanding the unique challenges of the insurance industry. Our goal is to assist them in making faster, more informed, and confident decisions. We achieve this by upgrading your web to improve your brand and make information easily accessible to everyone, from brokers and agents to external administrators and policyholders.


Agent quoting tools

We understand that external sales forces such as agents and brokers play a vital role in the insurance industry. Not only do we understand the quoting process, but we also have the capability to integrate various data sources and the company's business systems. This helps optimize the insurance company's software to make it more responsive and user-friendly.


Agent portals

Innotech can help you understand the needs of brokers and agents, address individual issues, and steer clear of challenges through the agent portal. An agent portal can provide all the necessary tools for brokers and agents to operate independently, reducing the volume of calls and emails from them and empowering them to recommend your services to more clients.


Policyholder portals

Make the experience of owning policies from your company as appealing as possible through self-service, policy maintenance, and online claims submissions. We can provide automated and online self-service solutions for policyholders, reducing the volume of calls and emails coming from them. Leverage our technology to deliver a better experience for customers and partners while reducing costs and optimizing processes.


Insurance policyholder mobile app development

Today's users are mobile. Increasingly, people reach for their phones to handle everything from purchases to customer service to research. We can help you evaluate the best mobile app development strategy for your insurance company. Whether that means making your website mobile-friendly or building a native app, provide policyholders with quick access to insurance documentation and timely content in an extremely convenient format on their phones.


Direct-To-Policyholder platforms

In the insurance industry, enabling policyholders to conduct transactions online independently can be a competitive approach. We can assist you in exploring and innovating in this area through the development of suitable software and applications. This can help reduce the pressure and time spent by the insurance company's support team, as well as create a more convenient experience for policyholders.

The exceptional capabilities we offer

Since 2014, we’ve helped clients transform with technology. Our expertise in software development has been leveraged by various insurance companies, allowing us to gain an in-depth understanding of the sales and support requirements within the insurance industry. We're eager to help you address the unique challenges your insurance company faces.

Online payment

Enhancing efficiency and convenience in managing financial transactions:
– Seamlessly integrated with third-party payment gateways (Momo, VNPay, Cybersource)
– Our Insurtech solution simplifies insurance fee payments
– It serves as an internal central payment gateway system
– Ready for seamless integration with other applications in the Insurtech ecosystem.


Simplify processes, reduce time, and ensure data security:
– Implementing an automated process for immediate e-contract issuance
– Ensuring robust security measures and safeguarding privacy
– Facilitating swift and transparent data sharing
– Providing legal assurance

Digital Claims & New Business Underwriting Workflow
Improving customer satisfaction:
-Enhancing customer satisfaction through streamlined claims processing and improved system performance.
– Implementing fraud detection and data leak prevention measures
– Developing electronic contract solutions
– Reengineering the new business (NB) workflow.
Reach more potential customers, reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and credibility:
– Enable partners (e.g. MoMo) to integrate to sell digital products
– Resolve the risks of cyber security and legal issues
Insurance Customer Engagement
Building a stronger connection with the app:
-Analyzing customer data collected through these loyalty programs
-Enables insurers to efficiently engage with and comprehend their customers
– Proactive approach
– Aids in risk mitigation
– Achieving a well-balanced life for policyholders
Big Data
Enhance customer experience, optimize services, and create value for both customers and the insurance company:
– Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities within the platform
– Deliver tailored offers to users precisely when they need them
– Analyze and predict risks

Join forces with Innotech

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Online Payment

Collaborating with Innotech represents an investment in innovation. We assist you in comprehending the balance between risk and reward while crafting a digital strategy that provides genuine value to potential borrowers, financial advisor partners, and internal teams. Successful engagements include:

- Direct access to an empowered project champion and any of your development resources

- Tailored engagements across our Discover, Envision, Build services

- Investments of $200k to $1M, starting with a Discover phase of 10 to 20% of total budget

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FAQs about Insurtech Software Development

  • We ensure the security of the project and customer data by employing AES encryption for data security and utilizing AWS Cognito for user authentication security.

  • We resolve timezone differences by establishing shared communication windows, utilizing scheduling tools and implementing regular meetings to ensure efficient collaboration.

  • We exclusively recruit the finest talent in Vietnam, specializing in the dedicated team model. Over the last 8 years, our unwavering commitment to enhancing service quality is evident through the following statistics:

    5-10 positions per month are filled by our recruiting specialists.
    200+ projects delivered remotely.

  • We will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and ensure that the project is designed and implemented to meet those objectives

  • We offer post-deployment support and maintenance packages to ensure the stability and security