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How to upgrade your enterprise software in a good way?

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 08/09/2021

When starting a business, your company has invested in the most modern enterprise softwares. However, these softwares are slowly becoming obsolete, creating a legacy burden for your business. You want to upgrade them to optimize the usage needs, this is necessary. But how to upgrade in the most effective way?


Accurately identify enterprise software upgrade needs


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Before upgrading the enterprise software system, business owners need to talk to department heads, senior officials and key employees deploying the software. The synthesis of information from all sources will give business owners an overview of the operating status of the business management software.

If you don’t perform enough of the steps above to determine your need, even if you upgrade to a new version or use new software instead, you can’t guarantee that old backlogs won’t recur again.


Data processing


Businesses work with many different types of data on the same software system. Among them are static data (for example, customer records), dynamic data (transaction records, invoices). ). Each different type of data needs to be processed before pushing to new software. Also, rearrange the data before transferring to ensure that the data fully adapt to the new program. When you are ready, all that remains is for you to notify the supplier to proceed with the data transformation.


Data saving


During the transition, it is possible that your business will encounter unexpected situations. One of them is the loss of all data from the old system that your business worked so hard to build.

To prevent this from happening, you should talk to your converter to make sure you always have a copy of your data. One of the ways to fix this is to test a portion of the data first to check if the conversion is done smoothly. Thus, you will minimize the damage to your data source.


Prepare for training


New enterprise software system means new look, new experience, new usage processes. With all these changes, employees need to be trained properly. Because without training, employees may not understand how the new system works, leading to long loss of time and errors in the working process.


Choose a reputable software provider


To upgrade the software effectively, it is necessary to choose a reputable company that is capable of implementing the requirements of the business.

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