OCR AI Solution

Discover our OCR AI Solution - the cutting-edge solution revolutionizing document automation. Our state-of-the-art data extraction software and OCR solutions utilize the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Experience seamless data capture from various document types, be it scanned, photographed, or digital. Embed Xtradoc into any software application effortlessly with our user-friendly API.

Effortless Data Extraction for Any Document

We simplifies data extraction from invoices, receipts, contracts, and more. No manual template setup needed. Powered by machine learning and Big Data, it effortlessly handles limitless document designs.




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How We Work?

We can help you with AI

  • Receiving your requirement

  • Identiting the problem

  • Finding the best AI solution fit

  • Testing this AI solution

  • Data Collecting

  • Data Exploration

  • Data Preprocessing

  • Training AI Model

  • Evaluation AI Model

  • Delopying AI Model

  • Monitoring AI Model

  • Evaluate workflows

  • Automation tool set

  • Set an initial scope

  • Identify problem areas

  • AutoML Integration

  • Monitor and measure

  • Grow the project

Why Choose Innotech?

Time Savings

Eliminate manual data entry and go paperless with Xtradoc's simple setup. Retrieve and deliver data in seconds, while keeping a copy of the original document in your software.

Enhanced Accuracy

Experience precise data capture without error-prone manual entry. Our data extraction process ensures reliable results and offers data matching tools for validation.

Smart Work

Utilize our advanced OCR solution and data extraction tools for streamlined operations. Real-time reporting and tracking enable efficient decision-making, while accessing existing documents and leveraging Big Data becomes effortless.

Next-Level OCR

Powered by AI and machine learning, Xtradoc automates data extraction without the need for templates. It continually learns from processed documents, enabling extraction from countless designs and languages.

Cost Savings

Boost productivity, job satisfaction, and cut costs with our document automation software. Eliminate data entry tasks and costly electronic data interchange (EDI) while enjoying affordable per-document pricing.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate automated data capture into your software using our user-friendly API, image capture SDK, mobile app, and dedicated developer support.

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End Customers

Add touchless data capture to your software effortlessly. Partner with us and benefit from our expertise in high-volume document extraction such as invoices and receipts.


Join our global partner network and gain access to all the resources needed to sell OCR AI software. Help your customers automate their data capture effectively.

Software Companies

Seamlessly integrate OCR AI into your software using our user-friendly API and image capture SDK. Customize the functionality to align with your brand.

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Text To Speech

Not intended as a replacement for human voiceovers, it instead offers a scalable, time-saving, and cost-efficient alternative


Standard Narration

1. Natural but limited flexibility. 2. Versatile, suitable for various contexts. 3. Recording speed and efficiency depend on the narrator. 4. Requires the involvement of a human narrator for adjustment. 5. Maintains consistency in voice. 6. Requies the skills of a human narrator to convey emotion. 7. Cannot learn and synthesize voices from existing samples.

AI - Generated Voice

1. Can produce flexible voices and easily adjust. 2. Generates diverse voices in multiple languages and accents. 3. Generates voices quickly, saving time and costs. 4. Flexible for extensive voice recording projects. 5. Can create various voices suitable for specific contexts. 6. Enhances voices with emotion and vivacity. 7. Learns and synthesizes voices for natural-sounding outputs.

Experience the Power of AI-Generated Voice

We go beyond just modifying voices; we introduce your personal virtual assistant.

Work in English and Vietnamese

High Performance

Customize Voice Type, Pitch & Speed

Driven by the latest AI Emotion-Based Text-to-Speech Engine

Enhance Your Spaces: Explore Interior AI Application

Enhanced Design Efficiency

Interior AI boosts the efficiency of the design process, saving time and effort needed to generate creative ideas.

Optimized Space Utilization

By employing AI in interior design, you can optimize space arrangements, creating efficient layouts that adapts to user needs.

Personalized Design Solutions

Interior AI enables the creation of personalized design solutions, catering precisely to the preferences and lifestyles of individual users.

Cost Saving

The use of AI technology in interior design can minimize design and repair costs by optimizing work processes and resources.

Trend Prediction

Interior AI has the ability to analyze and predict design trends, helping you stay modern and respond quickly to market demands.

Environmental Protection

The accuracy of interior AI in optimizing space and resources contributes to reducing waste and promoting environmental protection.

Meet Out Cutting-Edge AI Interior Tools

Interior Design Consultant

The system can offer design suggestions baseds on user preferences and requirements.

Interior Design Trend Prediction

Utilizes artificial intelligence to predict upcoming interior design trends, helping users maintain a modern touch in their designs.

AI support in Furniture Selection

Users artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest furniture choices based on user interaction history and preferences

Color and Material Selection

Assists users in choosing colors and materials that align with their preferred design style and ideas.

Cost, Material and Optimization Support

Utilizes cost and material calculations to help users optimize budgets and select suitable materials.

Space Simulation

Enables users to create a 3D simulation of their interior space for easy visualization and adjustments before implementation