Education Technology Solution

INNO-EDU is your multi-function Enterprise solution that will deliver beyond any capability.

INNO-EDU delivers a complete Education Mobile Enterprise Solution that includes a fully integrated Student Information System to support intelligent data-driven decisions. It will save both time and money so you can better use your resources in ways that directly benefit your students and their ability to excel academically. The accomplishments of your students will have a great impact on your success and reputation of your institution. We rigorously encourage the purpose of learning and passionately believe that education is the key to the future.



INNO-EDU provides a comprehensive cloud-based solution for schools and institutions of higher learning. The robust structure includes a parent communication system, student information system and content management system. The entire INNO-EDU community can get benefits instantly from global notifications, advanced reporting features and mobile applications.

Content management

The next generation, higher education CMS software with Mobile, Social, Analytics & Cloud capabilities to make your institution stand out above the rest while moving toward the future.


The asset management software is designed to securely maintain, access and report asset information on web and mobile devices.


With unparalleled integration of financial and accounting information, the system will increase transparency, accuracy, efficiency and tracking using both traditional and mobile devices.


A single repository for student information, class administration, course notes, progress reports, grading, parent notifications and more.


The automated management system allow attendance check in and check out on mobile devices.


INNO-EDU gives you power and flexibility with school transportation management through seamless automation and enhanced GPS tracking.

Parent communication

Keep parents informed and involved all year long with information about student activities, academics and behavioral issues. Parents also are members of the education team and want the best for their children.


Streamline the admission process from start to finish and help achieve enrollment goals. Easily convert prospects into applicants and admitted students.

Student information system

INNO-EDU provides customizable, scalable and easy-to-use student data management software that ensures a superior end-user experience with cross-system integration for today’s educators to take timely decisions.