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2021 is the prime time for software outsourcing

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 24/08/2021

According to Statista statistics, the revenue of the outsourcing industry is estimated to reach $108.7 billion in 2021. About 60% of businesses will do software outsourcing. What caused this boom?


Programmers’ salaries are getting higher


software outsourcing


Recruiting programmers for new projects, especially programmers with hot skills, is getting more and more expensive. Managers, if they want to reduce costs for these positions, are forced to look for software outsourcing service providers to join the internal team. This helps to ensure quality work while also being able to hire programmers at competitive prices.


Software development needs


Companies in any industry are pushing for digital transformation. The use of software for business, human resource management, advertising, … has been indispensable for businesses if they want to accelerate development. When it comes to developing new software, companies that don’t yet have a software development team will have to consider hiring software outsourcing companies.


Skill Gap


software outsourcing


To keep up with corporate advancements, companies are augmenting their internal resources with highly skilled outsourced developers. They can meet the professional requirements set by the company at a cheaper cost than the average in the domestic market.

Besides, the recruitment team will not take much time to find the right programmers. Just give the criteria, the outsourcing partner will provide a suitable team.


The growth of mid-size companies


The demand for software outsourcing of mid-size companies is increasing. According to statistics, the rate of outsourcing of these companies has increased from 9.1% to 11.8% in 2020. The main reason is due to the digital transformation process, mainly SaaS and cloud products.

These companies are often not ready in terms of technology resources, so they are forced to look for outsourcing companies.


Innotech Vietnam


Today, you can come across a wide variety of software outsourcing providers in Vietnam. Many clients worldwide are searching for a trusted service provider with a good track record. Inntech Vietnam have lots of experience to works with customers from many countries including The USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan,…


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