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How To Find The Right Offshore Software Development Company In Vietnam

Author: Innotech Vietnam Coporation
Date: 26/03/2020

Nowadays, there are many offshore software development companies in Vietnam. The problem is identifying the right one for your business is indeed critical. 

Starting by defining what your business really want


Before you go to find potential partners, ensure you know exactly what you want to gain from offshoring. Setting specific goals is crucial. Considering writing a proposal, in which you define the kind of projects, your ability, growth target and existing problem – fundamentally anything you need in the projects.

Through this step, you have had a clear view of your expectation of team size, skill level, and other key details, which means you can exactly convey your needs to the offshore software development companies. In addition, by evaluating the ability and past successes of the offshore team you can more easily assess how suitable the offshoring company appears for your business. Subsequently, you can opt for an offshore or onshore company based on your requirement and the nature of your project.

Technological expertise


After finding out exactly your business needs and the kind of software the next step is about choosing the right offshore software development company which will decide the result of your project.

Make sure that offshore developers have primary knowledge of the coding language you wish to use on your project. The common coding languages in use today are JavaScript, Python, SQL, C++, Ruby. Look for companies with skilled resources across the software product life cycle, with specialized skills in product conceptualization, design, documentation, and modernization.

Besides, providers always stay up-to-date with all the latest technologies, apply agile software development methods or frameworks like ASD, XP, Disciplined agile delivery, Agile modeling, Agile Unified Process(AUP).

Experience on Similar Projects


Knowing about your potential offshore development partner better is absolutely necessary before you make any decisions. How do they work? What kind of skills do they provide? Could they be able to fulfill all your requirements?

You can check out their website to see what they offer and  What benefits you get from this service. Considering their clients and references of clients might also prove useful, as you will get on-hand experiences from people who have worked with that company in the past. 


INNOTECH's website homepage

 INNOTECH’s website homepage


Only those companies that have prior experience in handling the same projects will really understand your objectives and will ensure proper techniques are followed in order to meet all regulatory standards set by the industry. The software industry in Vietnam many new software outsourcing companies appear, just as many software outsourcing companies disappear. Therefore you need to ensure the offshore software development company has the longevity to maintain your software.

Ensure that the legalities are in place


The next important thing is the legalities. Ensuring to perform a thorough background check so that you check the integrity and reliability of the offshore software development company. Because offshore software development can have access to your secrets information. For that reason, your business has to evaluate the legal perspective of the offshore software development company. 



Security is crucial during the development process and after the project is completed and deployed. You have to know how your product will be secured and managed completely. Ask about the security measures in place to keep your intellectual property safe. Whether you are planning to outsource your project long-term or short-term, following these tips will ensure you find the best company match for you and your business.


Ensure your partner has options to protect your intellectual property

Ensure your partner has options to protect your intellectual property



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