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Logistics Software Development Company in Vietnam

Author: Innotech Vietnam Coporation
Date: 08/04/2020

Innotech Vietnam is a reliable logistics software development company in Vietnam. Be appreciated with high-quality products, services, and innovative logistics solutions.


Innotech Vietnam


Innotech Vietnam Corporation Head Office


Innotech Vietnam, a software development company, always strives to create innovation and develop advanced logistics solutions. ITV provides a wide range of logistics software development, ready to meet all customer service requirements, effortlessly manage your shipment, vehicles, and drivers. What’s more, with automated email/SMS notifications and full mobile support, your logistical operations are guaranteed to be smooth.

Besides, the products and solutions we offer based on these advanced technologies into value for our customers. This can help customers effectively manage progress and resources a force of the project and achieve better business performance.


Logistics software development services


Innotech Vietnam brings software development services that meet the evolving needs of the transportation and logistics industry Innotech Vietnam brings software development services that meet the evolving needs of the transportation and logistics industry


  • Logistics and transportation management

Innotech provides custom logistics software development on web and mobile platforms for better user engagement. It helps businesses track vehicles in real-time, plan, implement and optimize their transportation processes via GPS and data collection.


  • Logistics data exchange

Data exchange is a key process that allows logistics and transportation companies to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other and connect with new partners. We develop and deliver logistics software development that will bring high-level visibility, security, and control.


  • Warehouse management system

Integrating the warehouse management system (WMS) into logistics software helps businesses track logistics to better manage inventory and improve transparency.


  • Order management

With the order management, businesses can automate and centralize their order management systems. We build custom software for order entry monitoring, fulfillment, and tracking.


  • Reporting & BI

Innotech Vietnam builds custom BI and reporting software that collects big data about the business creates comprehensive reports and proposes changes and performs other vital tasks.


Experienced team 


Innotech Vietnam has successfully built a skilled, efficient and technologically competent staff as a solid foundation for the company’s development. With a staff of quality, lots of in-depth professional experience ready to support and provide timely solutions to customers, so you do not have to wait and worry.


Team lead of Innotech Vietnam is young and enthusiastic Team lead of Innotech Vietnam is young and enthusiastic


With more than 200 completed projects, providing software development outsourcing for many different customers in Vietnam, Japan, Australia, USA … which more than 90% of companies continue to return to Innotech Vietnam to search fintech solutions improved services to their customers and they always meet the same service standards.

Innotech Vietnam always creates and endeavors to meet customer demand chains with the most guaranteed quality, so big companies such as Vietnam Airlines, Unilever, Jetstar, TBS logistics, … trusted and used the software applications provided by Innotech Vietnam.

If you are searching for a logistics software development outsourcing to provide the solution for your company. Let us have the opportunity to support effectively your issues.

Contact experts at Innotech Vietnam for any questions about Logistics Software Development Outsourcing!

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We’re here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.