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Offshore Software Development Company – 7 Standard Factors To Choose

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 29/03/2022

Offshore software development company in Vietnam has been constantly operating nowaday. Therefore, finding a quality offshore software service could be quite a challenge. How to find the best company and what is the standard? Below are 7 factors that we have prepared to answer these questions. 


7 Standard Factors To Choose The Top Offshore Software Development company in Vietnam 


Customer Reviews 


The ability and capacity of a company can be expressed through the reactions of other customers. Clients’ reactions and clients’ returning rates to the company’s official profile are on B2B directories in this case. Besides, these reactions are also on their portfolio of corporate company websites or other platforms like Dribble, Behance, and GoodFirms.  


So those customer reviews can help generally evaluate the offshore software development company and determine whether the quality of work delivered by the company meets clients’ standards.  


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Cost-Quality Ratio 


The best offshore software development companies need to offer great quality that comes with a suitable cost. It is understandable that most people outsource their software development projects to reduce costs, which is among the benefits of offshore software development. But a good price doesn’t always mean good service accompanied.  


Therefore, to choose the right software outsourcing company, good prices and focus on quality services are key considerations. 


Companies’ Certificate 


Certifications like the International Standards Organization guarantee the quality, efficiency, and safety of the services and products offered by businesses. Companies’ certification helps improve the credibility, authority, and overall efficiency of any given business.  


In the market, there are many companies offering offshore software development that claim to be the best in providing top-quality services and delivering value to customers’ projects. Therefore, companies’ certificates will help enhance consistency in service delivery, which simply means that customers can get the same good offshore development service every time.  


In addition, it is a good sign that shows the company is well-established, committed to delivering top-notch services. Therefore, checking out their certifications to determine whether the company is worth choosing, verified quality is one of the standards to choose the tops in this field.  


IT Team Scale  


IT size is one of the key factors in choosing. The IT team scale factor can help determine the vendor’s ability and capacity to handle the project. It is recommended to choose a company that has a number of IT that suits the project scale well. For instance, a small IT team guarantees easier team management and full attention to the project.  


However, due to its small size, this IT team often works with limited resources, including people, technologies, and tools. In contrast, large IT teams usually have adequate resources and access to advanced technology, but in some cases, the project might not be assigned to top talents or given priority if it is a small project.  


Professional Experience 


Experience is also an important factor accompanied by the IT team scale. An IT team with many years of expertise, cooperating with a large number of customers will better guarantee to successfully accomplish a project than a team without any experience. 


Thus, some people overlook the scale or experience of the developer team when looking for the best offshore software development company leads to the wrong choice.  




Revenue is one of the key considerations of whether offshore software development companies are successful or struggling. The higher the revenue is, the more projects the company has delivered to its customers. Therefore, higher revenues can also be a sign that the company has delivered many complex projects, which demonstrates that it is a top company.  


Accordingly, newly established companies can also use this factor to determine their ability. It might appear to work better than older companies that have been in the market for years. 


Global Location Of An Offshore Software Development Company 


A company with many venues distributed over the world will be more convenient to clients when they need to meet up, negotiate about the project. Top companies need to have a variety of venue locations as it proves they have the ambition to expand the company size and reach clients worldwide. Therefore, location should be considered when choosing the best offshore software development company. 


As a result, customers who are looking for an offshore software development company need to take the time to consider all the factors. Then it would help determine the right and trustworthy offshore software development company in Vietnam. 


Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam 


FPT Software 


Digi-wizard teams of 4,000+ certified experts in various platforms & technologies with over 1000 employees. They aim for the common goal of bringing more value while minimizing risks and costs for customers. FPT strategic alliances join forces to deliver top-notch advantages propelled by business insights and technology innovations.  


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KMS Technology 


KMS has over a decade of experience working with clients in the healthcare industry and software companies. Their services for software companies accelerate delivery, enhance quality, and save costs for our clients. Besides, they are the software engineering team behind multiple leading healthcare products that are improving patient outcomes. 




Innotech Vietnam – One Of The Top Offshore Software Development Company 


At Innotech, there are young, dynamic, professional, and creative engineers combined with highly experienced experts. Leading high-quality fintech outsourcing in Vietnam, Innotech Vietnam has 5 offices in Ho Chi Minh (head office), Tokyo, Ha Noi, Kagawa, and Texas with over 100 software engineers and experts.  


In addition, they serve various clients all over the world, especially in Vietnam, Japan, America, Australia, Singapore. Through them, Innotech has completed hundreds of projects for businesses and brands globally.  


Why do companies choose Innotech Vietnam? 


  • Competitive cost 
  • Stable environment 
  • High-performance workforce 
  • Professional project management 


Innotech Vietnam’s development team is always ready to embrace any challenge for a wide range of software needs and makes sure our clients enjoy a consistent standard of service every time. 


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Contact us: Innotech Vietnam | High Quality Software Outsourcing Services (innotech-vn.com) 


TMA Solutions 


TMA Solutions is a software outsourcing company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with over 22 years of experience. This company is one of the largest software outsourcing companies in Vietnam with 3,300 engineers and a wide range of locations. 


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The Bottom Lines 


If offshore software development is quite new to you, then choosing a country, a suitable developer team, or a trustworthy firm could be challenging. Dependable offshore software development needs to meet the 7 standard factors that we mentioned above.  


Thus, if you are confused about how to choose a developer team, these factors will help you find a dedicated team of experts ready to help you at every step of the way. 


With 14+ years of experience, 200+ projects done, and a team full of talented individuals, Innotech Vietnam can be a reliable partner if you are looking for a software development vendor.  


Contact our team of experts if you have any queries or concerns about offshore software development and we’ll be more than pleased to assist you. 


We’re here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.