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Offshore software development – How to work effectively?

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 27/05/2021

Working and managing with an offshore software development company is a huge challenge. Let’s dig deeper to see how to work effectively!


What is offshore software development?


Offshore software development is outsourcing tasks to a third-party software agency or developers in a foreign country. Typically, the reason is the lack of experts with the necessary qualification level or human resources related to software development. Nowadays, businesses can cooperate with providers from all over the world.


offshore software development Considering the geographical standpoint, outsourcing can be divided by onshore, nearshore and offshore.

How to work effectively?


Firstly, define your specific goals. Secondly, regular meetings and communication with your offshore software development team. On the other hand recording in the document and treating the offshore teams like your team.


Define your goals


Setting SMART goals for the offshore team is important to make your software project successful. If the objectives are not well-defined, developers might not specify what they have to do. Without well-defined objectives, developers might not know what they need to do precisely. And as a result, your project becomes riskier and less profitable for your business.

Offshore software developers don’t have the insight and approach to your company. The business has to provide guidance, that makes developers can understand core business values and how the project will help you reach them. Obviously, the offshore team will find the best solutions for your company. Of course, the remote team will do their best to find a solution for you. In spite of that, a specific and actionable goal particularly increases productivity.


Communicate frequently


Having the usual communication routine is extremely important. It succeeds or fails based on it. It is easy to communicate with your team when you are always in the same room. If you do not communicate with your offshore software development team, your collaboration will not be effective. 

There are many tools available to facilitate communication, share project status, update and connect these days. When working across geographic distances, businesses can use email correspondence, messaging apps of phone calls. This is particularly helpful when different parts of the team are working at different times or logging hours in different time zones. 

Communication via message platforms is good but it’s still crucial to see someone’s face. It is more positive and impactful. Facetime also helps the team to connect and gain better cohesion and trust, which in turn improves the effectiveness of communication overall. The language barrier might prevent progress. For that reason, you can find a common language with your provider. Therefore fluent in English is a requirement to communicate easily and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. 


offshore software development Maintain communication with your offshore software development team is important


Recording in document and treating offshore team like your team.


Make sure that your decision-making process is written down. Offshore team members lose a lot because of a lack of documentation. If you have a snap discussion and turn into decisions, those need to be written down. Therefore offshore software development  teams have an opportunity to read those docs and comment.

Besides, business owners should treat offshore team like they are part of your team, they just happen to work remotely. Strictly avoid an “us versus them” mentality and include offshore team in all communication – don’t leave them in the dark.

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