Web Application Service



Innotech builds powerful web application for many brands globally. We focus to deliver cost-effective solution to our customer so our price is guaranteed to be competitive in the market. We compromise with our approach lean towards web application development - these are enriched with our latest technology and years of building rich user experience.

Our aim is to create a platform that brings your brand closer to people around the world and provide human interaction in a more meaningful way. To achieve this, your app will need to accomplish genuine task and match the performance level that our modern users demand.

Innotech Viet Nam will also be fully compliant with CMMI standard. Also, our engineers are greatly experience in Agile Software Development. Which means your project will be brought in good hands for each step of the way.

Along with our software maintenance package, your web application will be running smoothly with less hassle.


Core services

App development (based on your design brief)

Customized development (we help you create the brief)

Web application maintenance

Optional services

User interface design

Architectural design

System implementation and test design

System acceptance

Integration with other client systems

User training

Technology Skills

Programming Languages:C/C++/VB, Java, .Net/C#, ASP/JSP/Servlet, Assembly, Ruby, HTML/DHTML, PHP
Platform and Framework:Microsoft.NET, J2EE, Ajax, Seasar, SaleForce.com
Database:Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, MySQL
Typical Tools:Microsoft Visual studio 6 2003/2005, Oracle Developer Suite, Weblogic, Websphere, MS IIS, Java development IDE, SQL Server management studio

Software Development Model

This model ensures the smooth transition of work results from on-site to offshore and vice versa



  • Develop reports
    Interface with other systems

Training & Roll out

  • Package Overview
    Business Process Refresh training

Technical support

  • Installation, configuration
    Patch Applying, Bug fixing



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