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Which Are The Features Essential For Logistics App Development?

Author: Innotech Vietnam Coporation
Date: 27/03/2020

The logistics app is beneficial and can help you manage everything that will ease. So which are the features essential for logistics app development?

Any transportation business involves at least three types of people: End-user/customer, driver, and admin. A logistics app has three modules and the features of the app can be grouped based on this classification.


Customer Panel



This is a customer-side app development that includes the following common features:

Vehicles Selection: The user is able to select an appropriate vehicle for the transportation of goods from the list of all available vehicles.

Estimate Fare Charges: The app should have an in-built fare calculator that gives users an idea of estimated fare based on the size and weight of their shipment before the booking. And, the user can ask for a quote from the service provider to get a rough estimate of the time and cost involved.

Schedule and Manage Bookings: This is the area where customers can book and schedule the selected vehicle for their desired date and time.

Billing and Payments: With features of the logistics app, customers can check and keep track of their invoices as well as they can pay the amount online using different in-built payment methods.

Real-time Shipment Tracking: This feature helps customers track and monitor their shipments/drivers in real-time.


Driver Panel



The features of the logistics app development are useful for drivers and can help them increase their productivity.

Request Management: This particular feature helps the driver to manage all his pending and completed requests.

Status: Using this feature, the driver can change the status of his availability using plenty of options like busy, available, offline.

Consignment Details: The driver can find all the details related to shipper or freight, like name, address, contact information, fuel charges, toll charges, goods weights, distance covered, and so on.

Real-time route & navigation: The driver can pick the fastest route to reach the destination on time using GPS technology.

Bill Approvals & Payments: This is the area where the driver keeps a record of the payments made by the user and submit all the bills related to the toll, fuel, etc so as to get them approved by admin.


Admin Panel



The logistics app development company always focuses on developing the admin panel as it is the core of the entire logistics app and gives their transportation-related clients complete control.

Dashboard: The dashboard displays all the critical information related to the users and drivers. Besides, the admin can customize it based on their preferences.

Fleet/Vehicle Management: The admin can find and manage all the information related to vehicles, trucks, shipment orders, tariffs, fuel consumption, etc.

Monitor Drivers: This particular feature of the logistics app allows the admin to track and monitor drivers involved in the shipping and their on-road activities.

Billing and Invoice: Through this section, the admin can access, analyze, and approve all the bills and invoices submitted by drivers and users.


Additional Features


There may be many different features that can be integrated into the application, based on business usage.

In-app Chat & Notifications: In a transportation business, communication between all the parties involved is crucial. So, incorporating an in-app chatbot to your on-demand logistics app, you can enable all the parties to chat without leaving the app.

Multi-language support: Users can interact with the application using the language which they are comfortable in.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration: You can offer some more payment options to users by credit card, debit card, internet banking, cash on delivery, QR pay, etc.



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