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Top 5 technical problems in software outsourcing

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 25/08/2021

Software outsourcing is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Companies can develop software quickly and economically if they find the right partner. Besides the advantages, software outsourcing also has problems that need attention. Let’s see!


Software outsourcing partners do not meet quality


Professional qualifications are always the top priority of clients when looking for outsourcing partners. However, there are many cases where software outsourcing companies have not been thoroughly checked for quality before signing the contract. Therefore, the working process is not smooth because the quality of the programmers does not meet the requirements set by the clients.

Certifications, developer qualifications, or experience working on projects are factors to consider before signing a contract.


Not paying attention to QA


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The rapidity of adopting an Agile process can cause the development team to skip or minimize the QA process. Furthermore, a foreign outsourcer may not understand the local quality assurance standards correctly. Therefore, during project implementation, it is necessary to emphasize the role and standards of QA to ensure the quality of the product.




Does the design of the system properly address the business goals the clients want? It’s surprising how often this goes unnoticed. An application can look very eye-catching and modern, but when put into operation, it is not effective. Deviating between design and business performance is a huge risk factor to avoid.


Undefined operations


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One of the reasons DevOps came about is that there are different applications and operations. These two things must go hand in hand in the software outsourcing process. Having an outsourcing team will help speed up the work, but along with it will be operational disturbances.


Technical debt


Throughout project development, every technical decision comes with a certain “technical debt”.

With projects whether it’s technology or any other field, there needs to be a deadline for every job. Deadline will help ensure the project develops stably, on time and also ensures the best coordination among project members. However, sometimes the deadlines set do not completely match the amount of time it takes to complete a particular task. Therefore, developers will have to make certain compromises, both with themselves and with the technology team. They will have to accept using “temporary solutions” to produce a “workable and stable” product in the shortest time and then spend time improving and upgrading into effective solutions, may last longer. This is how technical debt “forms and accumulates”.


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