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[2022 UPDATE] Top 10 Offshore Software Development Teams in Vietnam 

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 09/03/2022

Offshore software development outsourcing is no longer a new definition as the global outbreak of COVID-19. As a result of the epidemic, the commercial and economic landscape has changed dramatically, leading to a transformation in the way businesses operate. 

This significant shift in the new “remote work” or “work from home” culture is a result of an urgent need. As a result, a highly skilled workforce has always been required especially in this digital transformation age. 

In light of this, one of the most difficult challenges that technology-driven businesses have to face is building the right development team, from developers, DevOps to QA engineers. 

The employment procedure has become exceedingly time-consuming and excessively costly, making the offshore development team a perfect alternative to in-house hiring. 

This blog takes a deep dive into the world of IT outsourcing and identifies the best offshore development teams in Vietnam. 


Things To Consider When Hiring Offshore Software Development Team 


Before coming to the list, you should be aware of how an offshore software development team is considered effecient. Consider the following factors when selecting an outsource software development team:  

  • Value above cost. Be wary of cheap pricing from international developers, since they may reflect poor quality.  Be aware that the market changes every day, so finding the same developer rates as a year ago might be difficult, especially for senior engineers. If you meet the right talent, employ them immediately, since they may already be unavailable 
  • Reliability. Look for an offshore software development team that has a track record of producing high-quality work that is both innovative and effective. Clutch and other listings sites are good places to look up for their reviews. To understand more about the quality of the vendor’s work, speak with some of their previous customers. 
  • Showcase. Check to see whether the vendor or developer has worked on similar projects in your field. This can speed up the onboarding process. The expertise of a software service provider may be evaluated by looking at how many and what kinds of projects it has completed. 
  • Timezone. Ensure that the offshore software development team’s working hours align with those at the corporate headquarters. 
  • Culture. Consider the cultural variations between your home nation and the offshore location. It’s up to you whether you can manage the differences and are certain that they won’t interfere with your cooperation. 
  • Competence in English. When there is no language barrier, working with your outsourced development staff will undoubtedly be far more productive. 


Why Vietnam Seems To Be A “Paradise” For Businesses Hiring An Offshore Software Development Team? 


Despite the fact that Vietnam’s IT outsourcing and software development industries are just a few decades old, Vietnam has proved itself as one of the best offshore software development destinations. 

The Vietnamese government has made a major investment in STEM education. As a result, it promises to bring in more highly-trained software engineers to the workforce. 

The country boasts a large number of highly talented software development engineers with a track record. Some of the most popular programming languages in Vietnam include Java and PHP as well as.NET and other languages related to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), e-commerce, etc. 


software development


Additionally, many customers have found that Vietnamese software engineers have a highly adaptive mindset to the latest technology and understand how to apply it to a project’s implementation. 

It is also worth noting that several well-known global corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel have made investments in Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam has become the greatest venue for outsourcing software development. Today’s technological advancements have given local IT firms a wealth of new prospects. Fintech, Blockchain, Machine Learning, E-commerce, and Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the new frontiers that local businesses are foraying into. 

The average cost of offshore software development in Vietnam is between $18 and $32. You can get top-notch engineers at a reasonable price in this nation, compared to the other side of the world. As a result, Vietnam software outsourcing is worth considering if you’re trying to save money on your project. 


Top 10 Offshore Software Development Teams in Vietnam (2022) 


You now understand how to choose an offshore development team and why Vietnam is an outstanding outsourcing market. Let’s come to the top 5 firms providing offshore software development services in Vietnam. 


1. Innotech Vietnam


software development


Innotech is a well-established software company in Vietnam to serve various clients in Vietnam, Japan, America, Australia, and Singapore. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions and services business worldwide. 

At Innotech Vietnam, we always strive for the creation, innovation and development of advanced solutions. We provide a wide range of software services to meet all service requirements for customers.  


Why Do Companies Choose Innotech? 


Competitive cost: With a combination of high productivity, high quality and competitive pricing, Innotech delivers real value for money. 

Stable environment: Our flexible engagement framework also enables clients to shift from one engagement model to another. 

High-performance workforce: Young, dynamic, professional and creative engineers combined with highly experienced experts. 

Professional project management: Professional project management methodologies and tools to support collaboration with customers and project statuses are accessed in near real-time 

200+ Projects have been completed 

Over 90% companies keep coming back to Innotech. 

Leading high-quality fintech outsourcing in Vietnam. 

100+ employees, 5 offices and still increasing 

5 Offices in Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo, Ha Noi, Kagawa and Texas 

100+ software engineers and experts. 

Market Expansion 

We serve various clients all over the world, especially in Vietnam, Japan, America, Australia, Singapore. 



Our Services 


Many corporate software solutions have been supplied by Innotech throughout the years which have required great scalability and quality, including: 

  • Fintech Software Development 
  • Mobile Application Development 
  • Web Application Service 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Automatic Scheduler For Flights and Crews 
  • Customer Loyalty Manager 
  • Digital E-commerce 
  • Education Technology Solution 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
  • Warehouse management system 


Get in Touch 

Website: innotech-vn.com 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 33 Ba Vi Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCMC 

Binh Duong: H18, N1 Street, Champaca Garden Residential Area, Dong Hoa Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province 

Ha Noi: Cplus Office Building, Thanh Thai Street, Group 28, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City 


2. KMS Technology


software development


KMS Technology is a leading provider of offshore software development, testing services, and consulting. Based out of Atlanta, GA with offices in California and Vietnam, they accelerate the delivery of innovative software solutions through our customer-centric approach. Their engineers bring organizations faster speed to market so they can stay focused on growing their core business. 

KMS Technology offers a wide variety of services for software companies, including: 

  • New Product Development 
  • Software Engineering & Maintenance 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Application Modernization 
  • Cloud Migration 
  • DevOps 
  • Mobile Development 


Get in Touch 

Website: kms-technology.com 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 123 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

2 Tan Vien Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

290/26 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

 Da Nang: 346, 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam 


3. Saigon Technology


software development


Saigon Technology is a well-established Agile software outsourcing company in Vietnam with mature software development process and proven tracked records of repeated customers in all over the world, mainly in Europe, Australia, Singapore, North America. 

They provide quality and professional application development, web development, mobile application development and offshore software outsourcing services to customers located around the globe. 

There are numbers of offshore solution you can find at Saigon Technology such as: 

  • Offshore Web Development 
  • Offshore App Development 
  • Offshore Front-end Development 
  • Offshore Back-end Development 
  • Offshore Product Development


Get in Touch 

Website: saigontechnology.com 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 2 & 3 Floors, M.I.D Building, 02 Nguyen The Loc Street, Ward 12 Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

 Da Nang: 17th Floor, VietinBank Building, 36 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam 


4. S3 Corp


software development


S3 has a proven track record in an ever-challenging and competitive market. Employing a scalable pool of talent with strong experience in the software outsourcing industry along with the application of proven processes and standards.  

Their spectrum of software development services ranges from helping customers to maintain their software system, through fixing bugs and enhancing existing software, to developing full package software from scratch. 

You can find a number of offshore software development services at S3 like: 

  • Full lifecycle or new feature development 
  • UX/UI Design 
  • Web/desktop application 
  • Mobile Application 
  • Driver/Firmware 


Get in Touch 

Website: s3corp.com.vn 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 307/12 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Viet Nam 


5. Agile Tech


software development


AgileTech is a quality outsourcing company specializing in Website/Mobile Apps, Blockchain services, AI – big data Services. Since 2015, they have become the technology partner for many startups in which millions of US dollars were invested. 

As can be seen from their client list, their portfolio shows their expertise and versatility in serving a variety of sectors. Agile Tech has built bespoke software development for business administration, e-commerce, Fintech solutions and so on.  

AgileTech focuses on building the best environment and offers many offshore services: 

  • Mobile App Development 
  • Website Development 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Blockchain Services 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Testing Services 


Get in Touch 

Website: agiletech.vn 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ha Noi: Floor 4 & 6, No 82 Lane 116, Nhan Hoa, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam 


6. TMA Solutions




TMA Solutions was established in 1997 to provide quality software outsourcing services to leading companies worldwide. They are one of the largest software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam. 

Their engineering team was selected from a large pool of Vietnam IT resources; they are well-trained and have successfully completed many large and complex projects. 

Throughout the years, TMA Solutions have delivered hundreds of enterprise software products that require high scalability and quality, including: 

  • Software Development 
  • Software Testing 
  • Porting & Migration 
  • Production Support 
  • IT Managed Services 
  • Visual Design 


Get in Touch 

Website: tmasolutions.com 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: Street #10, Quang Trung Software City, 1 To Ky, District 12, HCMC 


7. Orient Software




Orient Software is a software development company that specializes in providing our clients with high-quality software development services. The fundamental principle in everything they do lies in solid ethics, collaboration, tenacity, and responsibility.  

Orient Software helps SMBs and enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and business growth by offering quality software development services. 

They are working with small businesses to large corporations providing custom software development services such as: 

  • Software Product Development 
  • Web Application Development 
  • Mobile Application Development 
  • Cloud and DevOps 
  • Database Development

Get in Touch 

Website: orientsoftware.com 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 1st & 5th & 10th floor, Suite 5.8, e.town 1 building, 364 Cong Hoa Str, Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC 

Da Nang: 10th & 11th floor, PGT Tower building, 220 Nguyen Huu Tho Str, Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang City 


8. InApps Technology




InApps Technology is a Vietnamese software development firm that is small and economical. InApps has a deep understanding of the innovation process and can help you get your concept to market or change your firm into a digital presence. There is a step-by-step procedure that begins with brainstorming and progresses through development, launch, and development. 

InApps has been trusted by clients with great ranking on Top Mobile App Development Companies in Vietnam by GoodFirms and Clutch with services like: 

  • Dedicated Offshore Team 
  • Custom App Development 
  • MVP App Development 
  • E-commerce App Development 


Get in Touch 

Website: inapps.net 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 1039 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam 


9. EZtek




Founded in 2011, EZtek is a team of project managers, software developers and creatives who come together to create great software tailored to the needs of our clients across different industries. 

The mission of their company is to provide highly tailored software development solutions that would keep businesses ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive business climate. 

EZtek keeps improving their team and deliver impactful digital transformation through offering efficient offshore services, such as: 

  • Web app development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Agile team 


Get in Touch 

Website: eztek.vn 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Ho Chi Minh: 2nd Floor, Halo Building, 60 Nui Thanh Street, 13th Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 


10. HDWebSoft




HDWEBSOFT is a software development firm located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With 200+ employees, they have the resources and abilities to handle any web, mobile, or software project. They have been trusted by clients around the world, ranging from early-stage startups to large companies. 

HDWEBSOFT software outsourcing company offers the full life cycle of offshore software development services. They focus on providing offshore development teams for developing sophisticated mobile and web applications. 

Some of their services that may impress you: 

  • Offshore Product Development 
  • Offshore Web Development 
  • Offshore App Development 
  • Offshore Front-End Development 
  • Offshore Back-End Development

Get in Touch 

Website: hdwebsoft.com

E-mail: [email protected]


Ho Chi Minh: 15 Thep Moi, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The Bottom Lines 


Searching for an offshore software development team may sound like a headache. But trust me, if you make the right choice, this team will enhance your business operation to a prime level.  






















We’re here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.