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[2022] Vietnam – Ideal Destination For Offshore Software Development?

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 01/04/2022

Building dedicated global development teams helps companies gain access to capabilities they cannot obtain locally. They can establish a specialized staff in rising technology hotspots such as Vietnam – an ideal destination for offshore software development.


Why Is Vietnam The Ideal Destination For Offshore Software Development?


It is no coincidence that Vietnam was chosen to become one of the top ideal destinations for offshore software development. Vietnam is referred to by Forbes as “a small but mighty country”. The Vietnamese government has recognized the potential to become a global top software development country. Besides, Vietnam is on the way to building a solid foundation for successful technology.


Stable Disease Situation


Offshore software development


There have been over millions of COVID-19 cases and thousands of people passed away due to the pandemic worldwide. Especially in Southeast Asia, the Philippines became the region’s largest epidemic zone, suffering many consequences and damage. Luckily, Vietnam is one of the countries that have controlled the pandemic effectively. 


Thus, it is easy to understand Vietnam being able to assert to the world about political stability and a great working environment right now.

Highly Competitive Price Of Offshore Software Development Team In Vietnam


The main goal of outsourcing is to reduce costs. Therefore, the more competitive outsourcing costs the countries have, the upper hand it will gain when any business thinks about this option. Offshore software development companies in Vietnam offer the lowest prices compared to companies in countries like Canada, the US, Switzerland, Sweden, UAE, Australia, and Europe.


In Vietnam, the education system is supportive enough to help channel highly enthusiastic talent in IT. Besides, with the advantage of the high English proficiency level in the region, the team of developers can easily work with international companies without any language boundaries. 


Currently, the main location for offshore outsourcing in the world is India. However, considering the affordable cost range, a Vietnamese developer has a cost 30% lower than an Indian developer, accompanied by products of equivalent high quality and capacity power is not inferior.


Young And Dynamic Working Age


Vietnam is a country with a young population, which means that there is a large amount of workforce, especially skilled people. In addition, there are also lots of universities and other learning institutions investing in providing IT-related courses.

Accordingly, these institutions provide effective training facilities and help improve the technical skills of developers by cooperating with many software development companies


Benefits Of Hiring Offshore Software Development Team In 2022


Inexpensive Approach


Quartz reports stated that 46% of start-ups fail as they run out of money in their starting phase. Therefore, searching for offshore software developers to hire is such a solution in this case.


Accordingly, choosing an affordable offshore development team is an inexpensive approach. They won’t have to spend their capital on overhead costs such as office rent, salaries, insurance benefits, recruitment fees, etc. Instead, they will be spending their funds on business growth.


Software Development outsourcing


Improved Productivity and Quality


Offshore developers not only reduce the cost but also improve the development process, thereby saving time. It means that when companies go for agile development with an offshore team on their side, there is no need to spend extra time training new employees.


Because offshore software developers that they hire will be experts in their field. Therefore, by saving time and money on their team training, companies can focus on the core business objectives.


Speedy Project Delivery And Flexibility


Changing the technology stack becomes a challenge with an in-house team. But associated with a reliable offshore outsourcing team, companies can easily switch between the different development teams.


In fact, companies will get the freedom to add or remove a developer to their offshore team easily. They just have to inform the partnered offshore development center prior to making any changes.


Besides, with production in the home country along with the country offshore, the time of delivery gets reduced. This is especially true when a company selects a country like India, which has a huge time difference from the USA and Australia, as the work gets done 24/7, and the overlapping time could be used for discussions and combined team meetings.


Accessibility To More Talent In Offshore Software Development


Offshore outsourcing offers access to a large talent pool of professionals. Both web and mobile app development have numerous technology stacks, so it’s impossible to get the developers for all technologies under one roof. 


And offshore outsourcing solves this problem by giving companies access to hire offshore web developers as well as app developers. 


Seize New Market Opportunities


As new technologies are emerging constantly, companies look for ways to establish their presence before their competitors. In terms of software and mobile app development, AI and Blockchain are two emerging technologies.


But the fact is that not every company has its own in-house team of AI developers or Blockchain developers. It is a good idea to build an offshore software development team and get an edge over competitors.


Tax Savings


The tax varies in different countries. Tax saving is one of the ways to optimize costs for businesses. For instance, when hiring offshore developers in countries such as Vietnam, companies can take advantage of the tax incentives offered by them.


The Latest Trends In Offshore Software Development


Cloud Computing


cloud computing


Cloud computing plays an important role in offshore software development by optimizing scalability and flexibility. If companies are well aware of the benefits of cloud computing and take advantage of it in a proper way, their mounting needs can be addressed effectively.




Automation is undeniably beneficial for businesses, especially those who realized the importance of hassle-free software development services. It can increase independence from human effort, cut down on costs and risks in connection with the manual labor force. Furthermore, automation can respond to human needs faster to gain a competitive advantage.


AI – Artificial Intelligence


AI offshore software development


AI Trends is the leading industry media channel focused on the business and technology of AI. It is designed to keep executives ahead of the curve. For the purpose of developing better software, AI technologies can improve the quality of code and tests.






Choosing the right country for an offshore software development team could be challenging in such an era of constantly operated companies. This article provides some benefits of hiring offshore software developers and the reason why Vietnam is an ideal place for it. Hope that it will help you choose your best suit developer team.


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