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How To Find Right Fintech Software Development Company

Author: Innotech Vietnam Coporation
Date: 03/03/2020

Are you looking for a fintech software development company? The fintech company should consider many aspects of the company before making a choice.


1. Professional team


It’s important that software development companies provide a high-quality workforce. Those people make sure that have a certificate to can provide quality product and be well versed in all the aspects for a fintech company. They should have a firm grasp of coding knowledge to write clear and error-free codes to power your platform. The standard programming languages used in developing financial solutions are C++, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and Scala.

Fintech experts should also be present in the team that you’re outsourcing. They can offer product advice or cut features to avoid wasting money.

Besides, the fintech software development company has access to all the latest technologies like AI, ML, big data, etc.to be able to bring products with many breakthrough features. And, they should know the right allotment of dedicated developers to complete your project quickly and efficiently.


the fintech software development company has access to all the latest technologies The fintech software development company has access to all the latest technologies


2. Look for relevant experience


What do you look for when hiring a banking software development company? The obvious answer is their experience and portfolio. But just looking at general experience isn’t enough. Fintech company needs to look for experience relevant to your project which you do. Extra, they have experience working with customers in fintech if you want to end up with a really great product.


3. Information security


Cybersecurity has remained a hot topic in technology for the global market. While developing a fintech solution, security should be your topmost concern, because a slight mistake can affect your business drastically. Therefore, fintech companies and their partners must be aware of information security issues related to the project.

Besides, the platform used for corporate data stores is also important. Business data must be secure with multi-layer and full-time security. In addition, it’s combined with comprehensive security of data in/out of the system when it communicates with the outside.


Cybersecurity has remained a hot topic in technology for the global market Cybersecurity has remained a hot topic in technology for the global market


4. Business capability


It is important that your company chooses the fintech software development. Making it easier to answer whether they really provide the right solution your company is looking for.

Long-term fintech software development companies will bring more stable products. In addition, they have extensive experience serving customers in the fintech market and dealing with related issues. This helps you save your budget more or less.


5. Professional working model


When you want to work with fintech software development companies, the next thing has to know to be their working model. For a project to be successful, the information between the parties must be transparent. And, people in different roles have enough information to do their job well.

This product has to check regularly for errors and repairs. So, fintech financial services providers can bring quality products to users. The Agile method and the Scrum process are trending at software development companies in Vietnam. It can guarantee a transparent working model and easily control the product quality.


6. Risk management plan


Trust is important when you want to become a partner with fintech software development companies. This company has to plan to handle or compensate when the products deliver late or not make sure quality in agreement.



Risk management plan is important for fintech sofware development company The risk management plan is important for fintech software development company


7. Soft skills


Last but not least, soft skills also play an important role in choosing a fintech software development company. Nowadays, the developer team must-have soft skills such as time management, flexible work handling, innovative thinking, etc. Those things can create useful products and bring the best experience to users. They should be able to solve real problems to build success for your product.


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