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Neobank: The Pros & Cons Explained

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 26/08/2021

Neobank is an increasingly popular keyword in the Fintech industry. However, not everyone clearly understands what Neobank is, or its advantages and disadvantages.


What is a Neobank?




Neobank is a kind of digital bank, with no transaction offices, no bank branches. It allows customers to open an account, manage money, register for a bank card, open a credit card, etc. through an application on a mobile phone or computer without having to go to the bank’s headquarters.

The first Neobanks appeared in the UK, after the financial crisis ended. Faced with heavy financial losses, banks could no longer support each other in lending money. This caused the UK Government to change regulations, allowing digital banks to raise capital and build an online infrastructure platform before being licensed to become banks.

Neobank was officially born from there.


The Pros of Neobank


Low fees


Like other online banks, Neobank has no costs associated with maintaining branches. Because there are fewer rules and no credit risk, Neobanks are able to keep their costs low. Most services are cheap and do not charge monthly fees.


Quickly create an account


Many people have experienced long wait times when opening a new account at a traditional bank. They certainly don’t want to experience it again. Meanwhile, creating an account at Neobank is simple and quick.

Customers don’t need to go anywhere to create an account, they can do it in a few simple steps through their smartphone. And they will have a Neobank account in just a few minutes!


Convenient payment




For traditional banks, if they want to make international payments, customers must register or upgrade their card with the bank to an international card. Only then will they be able to pay their transactions in the international environment.

Neobank has overcome this drawback when allowing transactions and foreign currency exchange at the current exchange rate.


High security


Security is always the most important factor when it comes to digital transactions. Neobank application implements 2FA (2-factor authorization), biometric verification, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), encryption technology along with other security measures to protect customer data row.

Applications are built to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering laws, ensure customer privacy, and prevent malware attacks.


The Cons of  Neobank


Neobanks aren’t legally recognized banks


There is no bank charter. Instead, Neobanks often partner with a bank to insure their products. Before signing up with an Neobank, make sure it is FDIC-insured by a partner bank.


Usually has fewer services than traditional banks.


Neobanks typically have fewer services than traditional banks. Some only provide savings service, but do not provide lending service.


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