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Saving Time With Cloud-Based HRMS KingWork

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 07/09/2021

Human resource management system (HRMS ) is growing rapidly because the importance of resources greatly determines the long-term sustainability of the business. Human capital management system integrated with Cloud-based technology helps businesses save time and costs in managing human resources.






Human Resource Management Systems is a part of human resource management software that combines multiple systems and processes to ensure easy management of an enterprise’s employees and data.

Cloud-based HRMS is a human resource management system with data stored on a cloud virtual machine (Cloud). This new technology platform was born out of the need to minimize the large amount of data storage and to be flexible in access.


Benefits of Cloud-Based HRMS


Consistent data management


Cloud-based HRMS allows businesses to store employee data on a common platform via the Internet, convenient for adjustment and management. Besides, the large storage capacity thanks to cloud computing technology also helps the data to be stored uniformly and not overloaded.


Enhance your security


Companies providing HRMS software solutions are always focused on developing enhanced security for the cloud and easy-to-use options for backing up and storing customer data. In addition, Cloud-Based HCM complies with industry standards and information security regulations, ensuring that private data is safe.


Save time


Being able to access online anytime, anywhere makes data management quick and saves time. At the same time, Cloud-based HRIS software also helps to reduce the time spent searching for data for analysis as well as upgrading with synchronized data on one platform.


Cost minimization by HRMS


Enterprises do not need to spend too much on infrastructure investment as well as information technology to manage human resources because HCM software can be deployed by companies specializing in providing technology solutions. quickly and according to the needs of the business. In addition, the integration of Cloud technology – cloud computing, which virtualizes computing resources and applications through the Internet environment is also a factor that helps businesses reduce infrastructure costs.


King Work – the leading Cloud-based HRMS solution in Vietnam



Innotech Vietnam Corporation (ITV) is an outsourcing company focusing on high-quality services with over 12 years of experience and over 200 completed projects. Currently, the KingWork Cloud-based Human resource management system is one of our services that receive the attention of many top businesses.


KingWork system is prominent icon, which represents for the creation, innovation, comprehensive development, and advanced solutions. We provide a multitasking HR software to meet all expectations, and automatically support any requirements from customers. We turn all HR difficult issues into easy as much as possible, and deliver value for our customers through our professional platform.


If you are looking for a straightforward HR software that has affordable price to improve Cloud-Based HRMS for your companies, KingWork’s free trial period is now available. We don’t require any confidential information to complete the trial procedure as ID number, credit card, bank account.


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