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The Best Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 17/08/2021

Mobile phones have now become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. We use our phones to access the internet, communicate with family and friends, make transactions… Therefore, there is a growing need for mobile app development and understanding of mobile programming languages is becoming increasingly important.

The following are the best programming languages you can use in mobile app development.


Java – the most popular programming language in mobile app development


Referring to the phone application programming language, the first name that cannot be ignored is the Java programming language. In the past few years, when the mobile app market has grown strongly globally, people also use the Java language more widely to design and program applications on the Android platform with a lot of features.


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The most prominent advantage of Java is its flexibility. This feature allows the use, modification, addition, and updating of the software to be simpler and easier. With Java, you can make any mobile app project you desire.


Kotlin – an advanced version of Java


Developers consider Kotlin as an upgraded version of Java. It is an interoperable and flexible programming language that can easily overcome the shortcomings of Java.

The unique point that you will easily notice is that the Kotlin programming language is quite simple and compact. Therefore, in the process of programming the applications, the occurrence of too-long lines of code will be solved very well and quickly.
Besides, the combination of Java programming language and Kotlin language has helped programmers make more exploitation of the inherent strengths of these two languages.



C++ is a kind of cross-platform programming language. In general, the features of C++ are extended from the features of the C programming language, but the high-level features, supporting object-oriented programming are more focused.


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Mobile app development utilizes this programming language for industries such as finance, banking, manufacturing, etc. It has been around for a long time and is loved by many developers to build applications. mobile for iOS, Android and Windows.

You can use C++ to develop different operating systems, games, web browsers, medical applications, enterprise software, and more.




Swift is one of the newest open-source programming languages designed for use with iOS, OS X and tvOS. The language requires little maintenance and has fixed many of Objective-C’s bugs. Compared to Objective-C and other programming languages, Swift is easier and more convenient to use. Any Apple developer who already knows how to use Objective-C should not have any problems switching to Swift.

Swift makes it easier to extend projects. It is very flexible and can add features to any application by adapting a programming pattern. Released primarily for iOS, supporting iOS and Linux, it has become the primary language for iOS and OS X development.


The Characteristics To Realize What Is The Most Prestige Company.


With the considerable development of technology like these days. There are a plethora of business that supply the outsourcing services such as mobile app development.

Standing across the trendy, people tend to confuse and misleading. Here are some wonderful tips for you to choose a suitable vendor.

Selecting the right supplier is as well as choosing the matched teacher for your study routes. If you would rather to choose a good teacher. That one should have thick experience, and skillful. It’s just like the process when you’re refining the right supplier.

First thing you need to notice is “How long has that company been in the business?”. Actually, in this time, experience shows nothing. But when you don’t have any clue about your partner that you’re going to co-operate, experience is the most important factor.

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And the last one is “After service”. This element is not very popular in customer psychology. But it’s very essential to ensure the result of service will be lasting and effective.


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