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Choose the best offshore development center in Vietnam

Author: Innotech Vietnam
Date: 22/01/2021

Technology has been developing every single day, so software development companies need to expand their services to serve their customers with unique ideas. However, it is hard for business owners – who do not really have deep expertise in technology, to carry out new software development projects.

Therefore, they attach great importance to find out information about offshore development centers that will support them to develop the best quality software. In this article, we will introduce the Offshore development center in Vietnam.


Why should you choose an offshore development center (ODC)?


Offshore software development is hiring a third-party software company or a developer team in another country to provide services such as web and mobile applications development.


Offshore development center in Vietnam Using an ODC can bring advanced benefits


Below are some advantages when using an offshore development center:

  • Lowing development costs: ODC providers experienced software developers and modern infrastructure to serve multiple services. And depending on the project’s characteristics, cost-saving could be over 40% or more with a well-managed ODC
  • Highly effective software development: ODCs always focus on training and further developing the professional skills of their employees to update the best technology solutions and services
  • Continuous technical support: during the implementation of a project, ODCs always offer technical assistance policies
  • On-project delivery: ODC teams always strive to meet the deadline with the flexibility in resource utilization. Besides, their customers can also monitor and track the progress of the project. This will guarantee that all tasks were completed on time


Recently, Vietnam has become the best choice for many leading tech companies to hire software development outsourcing because of its high-quality workforce, competitive outsourcing cost and stable politics. Innotech Vietnam as a local high-quality offshore development outsourcing company is definitely your reliable partner that can hand hold you throughout your digital transformation journey, offering valuable advice and exceptional solutions web and app development agency.


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Innotech Vietnam – the best offshore development center in Vietnam


1. Innotech Vietnam do their business in Vietnam – a country with stable government policies and fast economic growth rate


Offshore development center in Vietnam Vietnam’s per capita has increased in the period from 2002 to 2019


According to the World Bank Statistics, Vietnam’s GDP per capita increased by 2.7 times from 2002 to 2019. The World Bank also says that 45 million people were lifted out property during the period. All the stable economic, right policies and proper governance contributed greatly to the rapid progress of Vietnam.


In addition, the amelioration of living conditions leads more Vietnamese to approach advanced education. According to the United Nations Development Programme, Vietnam’s HDI has grown each passing year of the period from 2010 to 2020.


Both of two factors play an important role in expanding the Vietnam software outsourcing industry in general and Innotech Vietnam in particular.


2. Innotech Vietnam has highly-skilled IT workforce


In Vietnam, software development has become a popular career choice recently. With the improved quality of education, young software developers and other professional ITs have a thorough knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as clouding computing, blockchain or machine learning to make effective software solutions. Besides, young Vietnamese have become better at English and can communicate with the foreigners fluently. 


These help Innotech Vietnam build confident and high-quality IT teams  to serve multiple companies from all over the world. 


Innotech Vietnam Innotech Vietnam ‘s developers are professional and great learning


Innotech Vietnam always motivates their IT team to strive for the creation and innovation to offer the best quality software outsourcing services for clients.


3. Innotech Vietnam provides competitive outsourcing costs


The CIO magazine reveals that Vietnam is about 90% cheaper compared to developing software in the USA. In fact, the costs charged by the Vietnamese outsourcing companies are even cheaper than others in Asia like India or China. While Vietnam talents are paid $15-25 per hour, it costs more than $40 in Indian counterparts. 


Likewise, Innotech Vietnam also supplies their customers with reasonable offers for offshore development outsourcing.


4. Innotech Vietnam has over 6 years of trust and experience as an offshore development center 


In 6 years of Operation, Innotech Vietnam has recruited over 90 well-verged engineers to the team and completed about 200 projects with many clients worldwide, especially in Vietnam, Japan, America, Australia and Singapore. Innotech Vietnam dedicated professional engineer teams, modern infrastructures and facilities to accomplish clients’ long-term business objectives.


Offshore development center in Vietnam Innotech Vietnam has co-operated with many worldwide companies


Some outstanding projects of Innotech Vietnam are mentioned: ACB mobile banking app, Manulife Financial Corporation, TymeBank and Unifi Money, …. Over 90% of Innotech Vietnam’s clients keep coming back for a wide range of software needs and they satisfy the same standard of services.


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