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Outsourcing Mobile App Development: Understanding Costs

Author: Innotech Vietnam Coporation
Date: 20/07/2020

How much does it cost to outsource a Mobile App Development? In fact, the cost of app development depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The number of functions, technical issues, etc. will affect the cost of app development.

You can rarely look forward to building a mobile application for just a few dollars. However, spending much more money doesn’t guarantee success. In the article, we have analyzed key factors to effectively reduce mobile app development costs. From that, you can base on my research to prepare the budget for Mobile App Development.

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Factors Influencing Mobile App Development Costs


Platform (iOS vs. Android)


Is there any difference in the cost of app development regarding platforms? Yes, sure. Every platform has its own development intricacies, which demand different scopes of work for different platforms. For example, Swift and Objective-C for iOS, Java, and Kotlin for Android.

The iOS platform is cheaper than the Android platform when it comes to development comparisons. The apps developed for iOS reach out to financially sound users. Thus, this platform can help you generate greater revenues compared to others.

Developing Android apps costs 30% more than iOS apps. Why is it so? Android app development requires more coding and uses an XML layout, which increases the hours of work. Besides, you must be aware that Android has a higher market share than iOS.


You can take more moneyYou can spend more money on mobile app development for ios and android platform to mobile app development for ios and android platform You can spend more money on Mobile App Development for the iOS and android platform

Therefore, choosing a platform will depend on your app’s purpose, which is a factor that significantly affects mobile app development costs. If you want to build both, the total cost of app development will be higher. To build an app like Uber, developers need about:

  • iOS: ~ 408 hours
  • Android: ~ 432 hours


Complexity of features


The features and functionalities that you are going to use to shape your app will also affect the cost structure of the app. As you can perhaps imagine, the more features and functionalities you want to build, the more costs you must pay. So, you must distinguish and prioritize between the primary and secondary features of your app.

The more features of the mobile app, the more cost you spend on it The more features of the mobile app, the more money you spend on them.

There are three types of apps: simple, middle-sized, and complex. A simple app built for a beauty information provider won’t cost as much as developing a business app with a database management system. These are important aspects of determining Mobile Application Development costs.

  • Basic messaging app: ~ 160 hours
  • Complex messaging app: ~ 360 hours


UI/UX Design


The app will be developed for common users. No matter how good the backend of the app is, if the user experience and the user interface do not have enough good intentions, your app will not be attractive to their eyes.

So, make sure that it has an impressive design. If your app has an intuitive and lively design, it will attract your customers. It can be anything that can be interesting for your customers, such as animation, icons, color combinations, and many more things. UI and UX design play the role are the keys for Mobile Application Development success or failure.

The animation, icon, color combination, etc... are in factors that can attract users on the mobile app.The animation, icon, color combination, etc. are factors that can attract users to the mobile app.

Here, the cost can differ if the UI/UX is simple, and for complex projects, it will be different. The more complex the UI/UX application will be, the longer it will take and lead to greater costs. The estimated time of UI/UX design depends on the number of screens, complex features, or custom animations. In a small application, it takes 3–4 weeks. While the medium or large application lasts for up to 12 weeks.


Maintenance and development


The mobile app development cost does not end with the launch of the app; the real story begins with the cost of maintenance, which is 15-20% of the original development cost. So, you have to discuss with your developers the approximate budget for backend support and maintenance.

Once your application has been developed and launched, you have to create a budget for timely application maintenance and updates to address malware attacks, fix bugs, and more. Regular application updates are required because they remind users that the app has periodically made changes that are beneficial to them. Besides, application updates bring new features that require additional budget. So don’t spend all your budget at an early stage; instead, collect customer feedback and deploy it in your app to make it more perfect.


Mobile Application Outsourcing Company


Last but not least, the cost of mobile application development depends very much on your development team. Building an in-house development team will cost a lot of money for infrastructure investment along with initial team training. However, when you choose to outsource, you can cut costs for this part.

Your tech partner’s location also affects mobile app development costs. So you need to be carefully considered. Outsourcing in emerging Asian countries like Vietnam will save your budget more, while the quality is still the same. According to CIO magazinesoftware development outsourcing in Vietnam is about 90% cheaper than hiring the US labor force. Compared to India, software development outsourcing in Vietnam is cheaper, from one-third to one-seventh.

The mobile app development costs are calculated differently in a different country Mobile app development costs are calculated differently in different country

Young Vietnamese with better education have overcome the English language barrier, previously thought to be a weakness. At the same time, a software outsourcing company has provided a large pool of skilled software developers required to meet growing offshore demand.

Companies have begun to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of Mobile App Outsourcing Development in Vietnam with low cost and superior quality. Vietnam is on the way to writing a new chapter in software development outsourcing history. The world will follow this new revolution in mobile app development taking place in Vietnam. As an emerging outsourcing destination, Vietnam will be a perfect fit for companies seeking a technological advance without spending a lot of money.


So, how much does it cost to outsource an app?


The answer is not “one-size-fits-all” because lots of different factors impact app development costs. Every mobile app has a unique business goal and target for particular users. So, the app development cost depends on who builds your app, how it gets built, and what you want your app to do.

So, contact Innotech Vietnam to get a quote about mobile app development in Vietnam!


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