INNOTECH provides digital banking solutions that meet your customers’ demands for fast, convenient and personalized banking services.

Manage accounts

Check balances and transaction histories

Manage loans/savings

Manage payments and transfers, and view transactions and statements

Transfer services

Transfer money to another person and between the owner’s accounts at different banks.

Payment services:

Pay the mobile fees, book tickets (movies, flights), automated payment for water/electricity bills,...

Advanced Secure

Provide multi-factor authentication via Smart-OTP, PIN, Biometric, etc

Cardless ATM

Enabling cardless cash withdrawal


Give promotions such as discounts, coupons and vouchers

Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Easily track spending, manage budgets

Chatbot 24/7

Provide quick service and transactional support


Help to address customer pain points and save time on looking for the most suitable solutions.

Integrated Banking System

Integrated different business software units speak to each other by exchanging data.

Remote Banking

Build a team of professional advisor focused on understanding your customer needs and find solutions.


Digital transformations

BI and analytics

Omnichannel solutions

Open API


Technology for privacy and security


TYMEBANK - Digital Banking

Innotech made an impression from the very beginning and kept it throughout
the project duration. We have placed our trust in the ITV team to launch the product on time. Highly interaction to work together.
ITV has talented employees and professional organizations, we are ready to provide resources when we request.


We are a team of 90+ professionals, who deliver only top quality software solutions.
We’re here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

What make us best?

Industry experience of more than 12 years

Professional project management

Specialization in custom design & development

Exceptional & cost effective solutions



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