MANULIFE – InsurTech Solutions Case Study

The Client Manulife Financial Corporation is a Canadian multinational insurance company and financial services provider headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company operates in Canada and Asia as “”Manulife”” and in the United States primarily through its John Hancock Financial division. By the end year of 2018, the company employed approximately 34,000 people and had […]

ByINNOTECH Nov 21, 2019
TYMEBANK – Financial Solutions And Cloud Banking Case Study

The Client TymeBank is the first bank in South Africa to put its core-banking platform in the cloud. 85% of TymeBank’s systems are AWS cloud applications that provide system scalability, uniform security and cost efficiencies. TymeBank’s use of technology and the strategic relationship with Pick n Pay and Boxer stores eliminates the need for physical […]

ByINNOTECH Nov 21, 2019
ACB Bank – Mobile app development case study

The Client Asia Commercial Bank, often abbreviated to ACB, is one of the largest private bank in Vietnam by asset of over $10 billion. Report about Ranking of Vietnamese banks.The bank is listed at Hanoi Securities Trading Center under the symbol ACB. The Bank provides consumer and corporate commercial banking services, including deposits, corporate and […]

ByINNOTECH Nov 18, 2019
5 Challenges Of Digitalization In Banking And Solutions

Innotech Vietnam summarize 5 Challenges for digital banking. Digital banking challenges refer to factors that are preventing digital banking from stabilizing and becoming a universal banking method for everybody. 1. Security   This is one of the first things that comes into one’s mind when keeping money is mentioned anywhere. It is, however, sad to […]

ByINNOTECH Nov 7, 2019
Overview Vietnam’s Growing Fintech Landscape 2019

With a growing middle class, rising Internet penetration, and a population of nearly 100 million people, most of whom are young and tech-savvy, Vietnam has all the needed characteristics to become a major fintech market. In the past years, the Vietnamese fintech startup ecosystem has witnessed significant growth and is now home to some 120 […]

ByINNOTECH Nov 7, 2019
5 Benefits of choosing software outsourcing for fintech startups

Fortunately, there’s a clear, straightforward solution: Outsourcing. Read on to find out why we should choose software outsourcing for fintech startups to compete and win. FinTech’s impact is growing by the nanosecond. Consumers are embracing it, driving the global financial services industry to adapt and innovate. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Global FinTech Report 2017 found that 88% of […]

ByINNOTECH Oct 7, 2019
Innotech Việt Nam thảo luận vấn đề “Khát nguồn nhân lực thông dịch viên”

Tại buổi tọa đàm “Nhân lực thông dịch viên, vì sao đãi cát khó tìm vàng?” do Saigontimes Group phối hợp với Trường Đại học RMIT tổ chức mới đây, các nhà tuyển dụng và doanh nghiệp cho biết, Việt Nam hiện đã ký kết nhiều hiệp định thương mại song phương, đa phương nên […]

ByAdministrator Sep 20, 2018
Phân tích việc thiếu thông dịch viên cùng Innotech Việt Nam

Không chỉ đào tạo ít, sinh viên tốt nghiệp các ngành ngoại ngữ tại VN còn chưa đáp ứng được yêu cầu chất lượng cao của nghề biên – phiên dịch.   Thu nhập vài trăm USD/giờ   Ông Trần Anh Tuấn, Phó giám đốc Trung tâm dự báo nhu cầu nhân lực và thông […]

ByAdministrator Sep 20, 2018
Innotech Vietnam talks about the lack of Korean, Japanese and Mandarin interpreters

HCMC – Vietnam is facing a shortage of skilled interpreters of Korean, Japanese and Chinese given the increasing presence of businesses from these countries in Vietnam in recent years, heard a roundtable organized in HCMC on November 1 by the Saigon Times Group and RMIT University Vietnam. Vo Thi Bich Thuy, head of the Recruitment […]

ByAdministrator Sep 19, 2018
Innotech Vietnam talks about the lack of interpreters in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City will need at least 1,000 qualified interpreters and translators annually in the coming years as supply cannot meet demand, an official said at a meeting held this week.   “The insufficient number has made it more difficult for many companies to look for qualified interpreters,” said Tran Anh Tuan, deputy director […]

ByAdministrator Sep 19, 2018
Giám Đốc Innotech Việt Nam và quỹ học bổng “1&1”

QĐND – Đã 72 tuổi, song hằng ngày cô giáo Lê Minh Ngọc vẫn tất bật lo toan, vun vén cho Quỹ học bổng Khuyến tài hay còn gọi là Quỹ học bổng “1&1”, để ngày càng có nhiều hơn nữa các em sinh viên nghèo vượt khó, học giỏi thực hiện được ước mơ […]

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4 lý do khiến bạn nên làm việc tại công ty Innotech Việt Nam

1/ Luôn đảm bảo các điều kiện cho nhân viên   Giám đốc công ty, anh Nguyễn Vũ Linh, đã từng đi tu nghiệp tại Nhật Bản nên môi trường văn hoá của công ty cũng có ảnh hưởng ít nhiều về cách thức hoạt động, mỗi thành viên trong công ty luôn có những […]

ByAdministrator Sep 10, 2018
Công ty Innotech có tốt không?

Innotech Việt Nam luôn chào đón các ứng cử viên có kinh nghiệm, khả năng và nhiệt huyết cho đội ngũ phát triển kinh doanh của chúng tôi với cơ hội phát triển nghề nghiệp, môi trường làm việc chuyên nghiệp và sáng tạo. Bên cạnh đó, Innotech Việt Nam đã xây dựng thành công […]

ByAdministrator Sep 10, 2018
Innotech Việt Nam thành công nhờ chính sách tốt

Innotech Việt Nam cung cấp các giải pháp và sản phẩm phần mềm và là công ty hàng đầu trong ngành công nghệ di động trong việc áp dụng các giải pháp tiếp thị tích hợp ứng dụng di động, phát triển và truyền cảm hứng bao gồm 3 chuyên lĩnh vực chính: Digital Banking, […]

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Review Công Ty Innotech Việt Nam

Innotech Việt Nam là một công ty phần mềm được thành lập tại Việt Nam để nhằm cung cấp các dịch vụ phát triển phần mềm và ứng dụng di động cho các khách hàng khác nhau tại Việt Nam,Nhật Bản, Mỹ, Hàn Quốc e.g Chúng tôi có đội ngũ nhân viên chất lượng, nhiều […]

ByAdministrator Sep 10, 2018
Đánh giá công ty Innotech Việt Nam

Innotech Việt Nam được thành lập với mong muốn đổi mới, phát triển và không ngừng nỗ lực để tạo ra những sản phẩm phần mềm, ứng dụng tiên tiến nhất. Công ty Innotech Việt Nam luôn đáp ứng chuỗi nhu cầu mà phía khách hàng đưa ra với chất lượng được đảm bảo nhất, […]

ByAdministrator Sep 10, 2018
How CLM Innotech can help your business.

        Improve the data you have   You have data coming in from your sales teams, even if its too much, too fragmented and stored in disparate locations. CLM system will allow you to manage your data and improve the quality of the data by making it accessible in real-time, connected to […]

ByAdministrator Oct 6, 2017
How to compete with competitors when the market is increasingly cramped and harsh?

  How to compete with competitors when the market is increasingly cramped and harsh?   The food and drink market (F & B)Viet Nam wake up with the influx of multinational brands, along with the emergence of many local brands. As the current situation as the business of F & B industry has become ever […]

ByAdministrator Oct 6, 2017
The new retail banking trend – Fintech

What is ‘Fintech’? Fintech is aportmanteau of financial technology that describes an emerging financial services sector in the 21st century. Originally, the term applied to technology applied to the back-end of established consumer and trade financial institutions. Since the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the term has expanded to include any […]

ByAdministrator Mar 9, 2017
You’ll actually want to watch these stop-motion loading screens

How much time do you spend waiting for stuff to load? Not as much time as animator Raphael Vangelis took to put together this video, that’s for sure. SEE ALSO: Someone recreated Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ using sounds from Windows XP The two-minute long video sees 30 different and familiar loading screens playing in stop […]

ByAdministrator Feb 13, 2017
Xiaomi’s India head is now its global VP

Following the departure of its top executive Hugo Barra, the Chinese company Xiaomi is reshuffling some top positions within the company. Manu Kumar Jain, who previously assumed the role of India Head at Xiaomi India, has been promoted to the role of Vice President of Xiaomi, a spokesperson for the company said today. SEE ALSO: […]

ByAdministrator Feb 13, 2017
Worried about your public Facebook data? You might want to try these tools

If you’re a Facebook user, by now you probably know that every “like” and piece of information gets aggregated into a set of anonymized data, which eventually turns into advertising dollars for the social media giant. Facebook offers multiple layers of privacy settings so the world doesn’t have to see every cringeworthy photo your mom […]

ByAdministrator Feb 13, 2017
Facebook wants to own the world, not save it

Mark Zuckerberg used nearly 6,000 words to describe the future of Facebook Thursday, but you could sum it up in two: global domination. Sure, Facebook’s CEO appears more “woke” than ever. He meditates on substantive issues like inclusivity, the eradication of disease, responsible artificial intelligence and the future of media. And yet. In the simplest […]

ByAdministrator Feb 13, 2017
‘Lightseekers’ puts the action back into action figures

Lightseekers The role-playing game from Play Fusion and TOMY that seeks to bring video game action into the real world, has made the transition from Kickstarter to store shelves. On Saturday, at the New York Toy Fair, the makers announced that the game will get Toys “R” Us distribution, with pre-sales starting in April. The […]

ByAdministrator Feb 13, 2017
Bill Gates isn’t kidding around when he says bioterrorism could kill ’30 million people’

President Donald Trump may have the nuclear codes, but when it comes to things to be scared about, think bigger. According to Bill Gates, bioterrorism could be even more deadly. The Microsoft cofounder warned the world is not paying enough attention to “health security and international security” in some decidedly grim remarks at the Munich […]

ByAdministrator Feb 13, 2017